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High-end Faucets, Tubs, Sinks, Bathroom Vanities, Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories. Furniture, Faucets, Lighting & More from Trusted OEM Manufacturers Kitchen, Bath,Basement, closet, House Remodeling, Large showroom Take inspiration from these updates if you are dreaming of tackling a reno next year, or just want a preview of the coming attractions, these bathroom trends will lead the way in 2021. Dark Fixtures Dark fixtures really pop when contrasted by a snowy expanse of marble, as seen by these classic wall-mounted cross taps in this bathroom Bathroom Trends 2021: The Latest Designs & Décor for Modern Bathrooms 1. Brushed Nickel Faucets. Faucet finishes are an important design element that shouldn't be overlooked. 2021 will bring... 2. Marble Countertops. Marble countertops are making a comeback. This elegant stone material adds classic. 2021 Bathroom Design Trends That Will Be Huge This Year 1. Floating Vanities. Although the crisp lines of floating vanities typically lean contemporary, the space-saving... 2. Large-Format Wall Tiles. Say farewell to tiny mosaic tiles in 2021—at least when it comes to bathroom walls. 3..

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Angular Faucets Are Having a Moment It was hard not to notice the proliferation of square and angular faucet styles at this year's show. They were everywhere, eclipsing the more traditional curvy, swooping and organic spout shapes. Axor unveiled its Edge faucet, seen here, created by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. It's composed of several cube-like structures created from a diamond-tipped tool that precisely cuts 45-degree angles. (An Axor representative at the booth said. Bathroom Design Trends 2021: Gold Accents. Gold detailing and features are also viral bathroom design trends 2021, which can immediately transfer any interior from ordinary to lavish. Gold accents are heavily integrated into bathroom faucets, and cabinet handles. They effortlessly match with a wide variety of materials such as marble, ceramic, wood, stone, and many others The study found that 27% of faucet handles tested positive for yeast and mold, 9% for coliform and 5% for staph (via Time). This is why interior designers are predicting that 2021 bathrooms will probably have less handles wherever possible, a sort of no hardware trend

These Are the Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2021. From flooring to faucets, ELLE Decor shares the latest and greatest for the coming year. By Laurel Benedum. Dec 21, 2020 Eric Sander. With every new year comes the urge to reboot—and we can guarantee that this feeling will only be magnified when 2020 officially comes to a close. There's no doubt that the bathroom is the ideal space to. 14 Bathroom Design Trends For 2021 | Home Remodeling Contractors | Sebring Design Build. Bathroom design trends for 2019 have arrived! Need help picking out a trendy new tile pattern? Maybe a high-tech toilet? We've got you covered Before getting started, take a look at which trends are all the rave for 2021! Neutral colours, mix of materials, bathroom sinks that steal the showWe've combined the top 2021 bathroom trends to help you decide what your new space should look like! 1. Nude colours are a must

Try Out These 4 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2021 1. Greige is the new gray. Design experts say warm greige, or a color that's a combination gray and beige, is replacing... 2. Brass with a brushed-gold finish. Brass as a material for lighting and plumbing fixtures can create an enduring,... 3.. All of our experts agree that the bathroom is a place to go bold this year. Materials and material mixes add visual stimulation to space, says Carpenter. Larger-scale patterns on. Decorative trends for bathrooms in 2021. Let's see the main trends to follow in bathroom decorations for this year. Use of space . Making the most of space is an exceptional rule, especially in smaller bathrooms, this also being a necessity. If the size of the bathroom leaves no room for a freer expression of style, extreme organization and personal touches is the next step. Full height. Bathroom Design Trends Coming in 2021. The National Kitchen and Bath Association's (NKBA) latest trend report predicts larger bathroom sizes, less bathtubs, and smart technology to be big in 2021. NKBA's 2021 Design Trends report gathers survey responses from hundreds of designers, manufacturers, architects, and fabricators who forecast the.

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Bathroom Trends 2021: Furniture Furniture should have straight geometric lines, but with rounded corners. Sideboards, shelves, and plumbing fit seamlessly into the interior, leaving enough free space. The decoration of the walls, floors, and ceiling is light and soft Hello trendies! If you're looking to change up your bathroom, you're at the right place! Today, Trendbook brings you the top bathroom design trends for 2021, to make sure you're inspired and ready for next season. Don't forget to watch the video below to get access to the full inspiration! See also: Discover: Interior Design Trends 202 Top 5 bathroom design trends of 2021 Back to nature. Soothing naturalness and serenity are today at the heart of a key concept for bathroom design - and it... Geometry. Designers sent the whimsical patterns of the classics and the baroque to the reserve in 2021. Intricate... Simple lines. Rounded. Top bathroom trends in 2021 - what's coming up? 1. Freestanding bathtubs and sinks . A bathroom classic that doesn't go out of style and it's quite easy to see why as they match any bathroom decor with ease whether you want a more modern look of stone resin or something more classic like clawfoot or copper. Though they may appear pricey, both freestanding bathtubs and sinks will. Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews (Updated List) 1. Delta Lahara Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet. This is the only two handle faucet on our best faucet review list but it is a very good one, to say the least. Not to mention you can never go wrong with any fixture made by the reputable manufacturer Delta

6 Trendy And Hot Trends In Bathroom Design In 2022 Marble, wood, terrazzo, minimalism - we are talking about these and other trends in bathroom design in the coming season. In addition to global trends such as the pursuit of sustainability, the pandemic also influenced bathroom design in 2022 2021 Trend Colors for Modern and Elegant Bathroom Styles The colors for bathrooms 2021 will be predominantly gray and neutral, which make a great comeback in the interior fashion scene this season. If you use these shades in the bathroom, you will achieve an environment that will distil luxury and relaxation Some great plants for bathrooms are orchids, snake plants, peace lily, moss and Chinese evergreens. If these bathroom design trends of 2020 and 2021 have inspired you to renovate your bathroom, get in touch with our team for a quote. We do our best to get the look you want within your budget and time-frame 8 Trends in New Kitchen Faucets for 2021 Touchless technology, mixed metals, etched details and matte white are featured in new faucets at the KBIS trade show Becky Harris February 20, 2021 Best bathroom trends 2021 1. Cocoon Room (Image credit: CP Hart) It's hardly a surprise, after the year that was 2020, that bathroom trends in 2021 are very much headed up by the trend for home spas. From scented candles to luxury fittings, there are a host of new spa bathroom ideas to create your very own retreat. 'Bathrooms can now be so much more than purely functional spaces,' explains.

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Ultimately, your finish choice for your bathroom faucets comes down to your personal style along with weighing the pros and cons. Compare your options with the guide above and you'll be well on the way to enjoying the perfect faucets in your bathroom. For additional tips while you shop, check out our bathroom faucet buying guides What Is Trending In Bathroom Faucets. Bathroom Faucet Color Trends 2021. 2021 Bathroom Faucet Trends. | Intag Deco

So take note — we've scoured social media, asked the interior design experts, and revisited our home tours to pinpoint what washroom design trends we can expect to see all 2021. 1. Spa Vibes at Home. Image Credit: Kyal and Kara. After spending the majority of 2020 at home, people are focusing on self-care now more than ever You must know the latest bathroom trends for 2021. The following 5 bathroom trends for 2021. Classy matte black; Black is bold, black is elegant, black is timeless. Black is trending throughout the fashion world and home décor world. You can find black everywhere—fingernails to faucets, lipstick to light fixtures, and even to the most daring wall of the bedroom. A simple stroke of black can. 2021 Bathroom Furniture Trends. The bathroom, as a rule, does not differ in large dimensions, so square meters should be used with maximum benefit. Place shelves in the corners to store small items and bottles with shampoos and soap. Use hinged structures - cabinets that can be hung over a sink or toilet. Plumbing. Finishing is the background, and the main role in the bathroom is assigned to. PHOTO 1 of 15. READ LESS -. Sorry pink bashers, but the colour is still holding strong in 2021. This gorgeous bathroom, designed by Brian McCourt and Tiffany Pratt on Family Home Overhaul, proves it. Go all out and cover the loo in cotton-candy pink, or incorporate it in small hits. The fun blend of hexagonal tiles is a riot

These are the latest bathroom trends and luscious looks you'll love for years to come. 1. Imitation game. Marble bathrooms are timeless, but today's cleverest bathroom surfaces mimic more luxurious materials at a fraction of the cost. Mandarin Stone's Onyx Nouveau, for example, is a porcelain tile with a gloss finish that offers the translucent look of natural onyx in a wide variety of. Top 16 Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews in 2021 1. Moen WSL84502SRN Bathroom Faucet. This product is made for minimalist enthusiasts who want to maximize the bathroom... 2. Phiestina WF008-5-BN Bathroom Faucet. Phiestina is quite a new name in the plumbing industry but it quickly stands... 3. Delta.

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  1. Beautiful Bathroom Trends 2021: Which Aesthetic Accents and Finishes Are Worthwhile? Matte black under-sink cabinets as an emerging bathroom trend by Decorilla designer, Rehan A. One way to enhance your bathroom is to add eye-catching accents and color through bathroom fixtures. Fortunately, 2021 bathroom trends are full of remarkable ideas - just what you need - to make your bathroom pop.
  2. New Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2021 With Bathroom Faucet Trends 2021 Bathroom Faucet Trends 2021. Bathroom Faucet Color Trends 2021. What Is Trending In Bathroom Faucets. What Bathroom Faucets Are In Style. - Intag Deco
  3. Bathroom trends 2021 - 19 inspiring new looks for your bathroom 1. Cocoon Room. It's hardly a surprise after the year that was 2020 that bathroom trends into 2021 are very much headed... 2. Blended schemes. Bathrooms are now less confined to clinical white, polished ceramic and a clean contemporary.
  4. 2021 BATHROOM TRENDS : GUNMETAL. 4 Published by Kobia 6月 08,2021. Another client just share his joy with us, after receiving his gun metal shower, wash basin and faucet. We would be more than happy to see another contemporary style bathroom setting up. Gun metal bathroom trends emerged at the end of 2018, and bloom in 2020-2021. A contemporary alternative to the rise in metallic bathroom.

Bathroom Trends 2021 That Will Take the Remodeling Industry by Storm More and more people are starting to adopt voice and motion-controlled faucets and showers in their bathrooms. Furthermore, an emerging trend is replacing metal fixtures made of brass, zinc, steel, etc., with those made up of gold, nickel, or antique bronze. These new materials are very stylish, and the designers expect. 2 Reviews of the Best Bathroom Faucets in 2021. 2.1 1. Delta Cassidy - Best Quality Bath Faucet 2021. 2.2 2. Kingston Brass Metropolitan - Best Bathroom Faucet in 2020. 2.3 3. Moen Kingsley - Best Moen Two-handle Bathroom Faucet. 2.4 4. KOHLER Devonshire - Best Widespread Bathroom Faucet option Check out the hottest trends to take your bathroom from dingy and dated to top of the line. Ready for a bathroom makeover? Check out the hottest trends to take your bathroom from dingy and dated to top of the line. Online Since 2005. HOME; BLOG; ABOUT; CONTACT; 8 Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2020-2021. By Julia Ritzenthaler; Posted in Current Trends; On October 13, 2020; Comments Off on 8. BATHROOM TRENDS 2021-2022. With more than 90 pages, the BATHROOM TRENDS 2021/22 E-book presents stunning and innovative bathroom interiors, 04 top macro trends, on-trend CMF and pioneering technologies. Plus, a chapter dedicated to features and approaches that are likely to take over bathroom, design in 2021/22, regardless of their style

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So, why do you need to get a new bathroom faucet? 1. Keep up with the trend. Does your old faucet look rusty, or has a squeaky sound? Then it might be time to let the old guy go and get a better one. With the modern world changing every day, so are these devices. You are certain to find one that suits your taste. 2. Forget About Rust and Corrosion. Your faucet was once new and served its. 6 Hot Bathroom Trends for 2021 That You Can Totally DIY. Between plumbing, tiling, tubs, and other fixtures, remodeling a bathroom can be expensive. In fact, Houzz puts the average cost of a master bathroom remodel at $8,000 in 2020 — and that cost goes up to $14,000, on average, for a major remodel. The good news is that if you're looking. Bathroom Trends 2021 / 2022 - Designs, Colors and Tile Ideas. By interiorzine on April 25, 2020 Trends & Tips. One of the most significant trends of late in the interior design for bathrooms is very well expressed by the young designers of MUT Design for their 2020 edition project - A La Fresca! (Step Out into the Fresh Air!)

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Bathroom Tile Trends 2021 and Ideas. In terms of coatings, there is now a bit of everything on the market. Very small as well as big formats, colors and textures of all types and all facets, marble, wood, resin, colored, glossy, opaque, lapped, gold effects and so on and so forth. Among the countless proposals, there is the return of travertine, a marble that has been snubbed in recent times. Global Bathroom Faucets and Showers Market Research Report Covers, Future Trends, Past, Present Data and Deep Analysis 2021-2026 Global Food Grade Yeast Market Analysis, Market Insights, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2021-202 If your bathroom is where you empower yourself for the day, then accent with power colors like yellow or red. Oversized, Freestanding Bathtubs. Bathtubs are detaching from the rest of the bathroom in 2021. Extra-large, freestanding bathtubs are a core part of evolving bathroom design trends. One of the reasons this tub style is so popular is.

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  1. Top 5 bathroom trends for 2021. These are the most popular styles, features and finishes homeowners are using in bathroom renovations and remodels. Millions of homeowners have spared no expense modernizing bathrooms to be more accessible, spa-like and high-tech in recent years. Between 2017 and 2019, an estimated 5.6 million homeowners spent.
  2. g in 2019 and 3 going out of style. Home Epiphany. MENU. Amazing Homes; Basements; Bathrooms ; Bedrooms; Dining Rooms; DIY; Gardens and Landscaping; Kitchens; Living Rooms; Other Rooms; Patios, Decks and Pools; Reviews; 17 Bathroom Trends for 2021 and 3 on the Way Out. 11. Unique Faucets. When you don't want to be so bold as to include a statement sink, you.
  3. g up! If you're thinking about a bathroom remodel, what are the most important design ideas to consider? We are excited about some new bathroom ideas we know you'll love. Whether you want to renovate a powder room, a small bathroom, or a big dream bathroom, we've got you covered! Bathroom fixtures. In 2021, metal finishes don't have to be the same.
  4. Read the 5 Kitchen and Bathroom trends for 2021, including matte finishes, mixed metals, and colorful rooms. Share Top 5 Kitchen and Bath Trends of 2021. Matte is having a moment — as is the statement faucet. See what else is blowing up in bath and kitchen design trends this year for some affordable style inspo whether you're looking to renovate or simply refresh these all-important rooms.
  5. g, and inviting in the interior design world. Make sure you choose.

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  1. The Smart Bathroom Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026 report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering
  2. By Signature Home Services; In Bathroom, Trends; Bathroom Trends 2021: Plumbing and Design. Everyone said it in 2020the bathroom has to be a soothing oasis where each day starts right. We ALL needed that spa-like regenerative power last year.. Tapping into that power became hard, however, as home-bound families continually came up against extended timelines for remodels
  3. Another trend that's shaping the layout and design of 2021 bathrooms is material mixing. Naturally, a bathroom where several textures come together will have character and personality. Far from creating a disjointed or inconsistent setting, this aesthetic choice will instead have the effect of offering breathtaking life in place of monotony
  4. ous, Crompton and Schnieder electric which provides complete home solutions in Cochin
  5. Apr 17, 2021 (Heraldkeepers) -- This report describes the global market size of Bathroom Sink Faucet from 2016 to 2020 and its CAGR from 2016 to 2020, and..
  6. Press release - QYResearch, Inc. - Faucet Stems Market Outlook by Trend, Regional Demand, Product, and Forecast Report 2021-2027 | American Standard, SLOAN, Kohler - published on openPR.co

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  1. Our list of the top faucet trends of 2020 is here! Among the many things to consider when choosing the right bathroom or kitchen faucet, aesthetics is one of the most important. In 2020, you'll be seeing more streamlined shapes, symmetry, and striking antique designs. Say goodbye to your lackluster chrome faucet and hello to faucets with more.
  2. A smart faucet is a dream come true for your kitchen sink, allowing for touchless controls and impressive spray tech. Here are our favorite faucets of 2021
  3. Tile trends for bathroom and powder room flooring. Bathroom flooring can make a big statement, whether it's a large master bathroom or a small powder room. It provides the foundation and tone for the room. See the top 7 bathroom flooring trends, as well as guidelines for selecting tiles and types of floors to avoid
  4. Global Residential Faucets Market report 2021-27 explains significant details asked by the customers in terms of industrial advantages or disadvantages and futuristic industry scope. The research report is showcased all the necessary data regarding the Residential Faucets industry competitors, growth rate, revenues, regional manufacturers, industry manufacturers and more

Global Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucets Market Size, Status and Forecast 2021-2025. The Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucets market report provides overall structure and business outlook of the global and regional industries. The study also involves the important Achievements of the market, Research & Development, new product launch, product responses and regional growth of the leading competitors. Professional faucets in an ordinary kitchen. One of the trends of 2021 will be professional pull-out faucets and models with a high spout. Models of this type are suitable for kitchens with frequent cooking, for kitchen islands. Faucets can be supplemented with buttons for quick control, even with an elbow or a separate outlet with boiling water

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The Bathroom Faucet Market - Global industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2021-2027 report provides AN analysis of the Bathroom Faucet Marketplace for the period 2021-2027, whereby 2020 to 2027 is that the forecast period and 2019 is taken into account because the base year. information for 2016 has been enclosed as historical info Kitchen faucets can be surprisingly expensive, especially when you're looking at name brand options. However, if you're looking for a simple, standard faucet for your kitchen, the VAPSINT 360-Degree Swivel Stainless Steel Single Handle Kitchen Faucet gets top marks from reviewers and costs significantly less than many comparable products Traditional bathroom faucets are made of metal, though some bottom-dollar models use plastic housing covered in a metallic finish. When deciding which bathroom faucet is the best buy for you, you'll need to consider the type of faucet your sink requires, the look and finish you want in the hardware, and the price point you're willing to spend

Dublin, April 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The U.S. Faucet Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by End User (Residential, Commercial), by Application (Kitchen, Bathroom), by Distribution. United States Faucet Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2021-2028 by End User (Residential, Commercial), & Application (Kitchen, Bathroom) - ResearchAndMarkets.co

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Parma Bridge faucet by Gerber Plumbing. The Average Homeowner. To understand upcoming and emerging trends more clearly, look no further than the ages of homeowners embarking on both kitchen and bathroom projects. Age can shed light on the future of design trends and whether they may be short-lived or long-term. Age can also help you market your. Apr 16, 2021 - Add a personal touch to the bathroom with colourful hansgrohe FinishPlus surface finishes. Be inspired by the new trend colours now

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Bathroom Faucets Market report 2021 offers the foremost up-to-date market information on the particular market scenario, trends and outlook for Bathroom Faucets. The analysis includes. That's why, it becomes vital to keep an eye on the new and upcoming bathroom trends closely so that we can get all of them. If you want to know what'll be hot in 2021? Sit back and read on, as SURFACES REPORTER (SR) is sharing 3 forthcoming trends in the bath spaces picked from ISH digital 2021 Bathroom interior 2021: modern design trends New trends for bathrooms in 2021. Materials and textures. Bathroom design in 2021 aims to be green - closer to nature. The choice of natural materials is... Basic shades. In 2021, the basic colors and shades will be relevant in the interior of the. Rose gold can easily find a place in your bathroom with faucets, frames around your favourite art or photos, light fixtures or bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers. It pairs well with pinks, blues and greys. Small Tiles. For years now, we've been using large format tiles that were usually 12x24 or larger. The year 2021 will start to see the return of smaller tiles in bathrooms.

7 Trends Influencing 2021 Kitchen and Bathroom Design . We all spent significant time in our homes for the better part of last year, and that means we had lots of time to examine what we would like to change about them. As a result, some interesting trends have emerged in kitchen and bathroom design. Overall, we want spacious, soothing, and organized spaces that are easy to clean and that. Touchless Faucets. The demand for touchless faucets has gone through the roof. Products that offer worry-free, germ-free solutions are trending, says Edyta Drutis of Blanco. For 2021, we'll continue to tap into tech by offering hands-free and other smart faucets for residential kitchens. Photographer: Courtesy of Blanco DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Smart Bathroom Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026 report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.The.

The Smart Bathroom Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026 report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.. The global smart bathroom. While your bathroom faucets may not be large in size, they are natural focal points in the room and need to match your overall style and theme for your bathroom. Finding the right bathroom faucet means considering all of the aspects of that faucet and the overall bathroom design to find the best fit. Are wall-mount or sink-mount faucets right for me? When choosing bathroom faucets for your. Top 7 Bathroom Flooring Trends for 2021 | Tile Tile trends for bathroom and powder room flooring. Bathroom flooring can make a big statement, whether it's a large... Bathroom tile trends. The biggest trend in tile flooring, including bathroom is tile that looks like hardwood. These... Quick. 4. Fashion Faucets. Swapping an old kitchen faucet for a sleek new model is a big kitchen trend for 2021, and it's a great way to upgrade the look (and value) of your rental property without demolition or major home renovation. Look for a faucet model a sleek metallic tone, shining brass or matte black. 5

Bathroom Sink Faucet - Waterfall Oil-rubbed Bronze Widespread One Hole Single Handle One HoleBath Taps 2021 - US 10874. Hamden Spot Resist Brushed Nickel Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet Vanity color. Your bathrooms theme will provide inspiration for all of the features and furniture. Consider such things as the sink and vanity sink units vanities mirrors fixtures taps faucets flooring. This year, because of the pandemic, everyone clicked in, instead of driving or flying in, looking for the hottest trends for 2021. Here are five of them, as shared by these leading design industry. 2 Reviews of the Best Shower Faucets 2020 and 2021. 2.1 1. Best Quality Shower Faucet for 2021: Delta RP50841. 2.2 2. Best for Vintage Bathrooms: Rozin Shower Faucet. 2.3 3. Best Shower Faucet from Brushed Nickel: SUNUAN Shower Faucet. 2.4 4. Best Rainfall Shower Head: Gotonovo Rainfall Shower Faucet Touchless Kitchen Faucet As you can imagine, hygiene and cleanliness are some of the most widely considered aspects of home design in 2021. It's no surprise then that a touchless faucet is thought to be the most popular trend this year in any smart kitchen. Not only that, but a clean kitchen sells well. Not only does a motion controlled touchless faucet add a modern touch, it decreases the.

Feb 22, 2019 - Bathroom design trends for 2019 have arrived! Need help picking out a trendy new tile pattern? Maybe a high-tech toilet? We've got you covered For faucets and hardware finishes, for example, good options include brass and copper, but also others like chrome, which can be cleaned with bleach without deteriorating. When it comes to countertops, quartz is probably the best option, being naturally antimicrobial. As for flooring and tiled areas, porcelain is a good choice. Spa Elements Top List of Popular Bathroom Trends. The top trend.

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Top Bathroom Design Trends. From repurposed vanities to terrazzo sinks, modernize your bathroom with the help from these on-trend design ideas. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; Email; By: Ellie Sanders. Related To: Bathroom Designs Room Designs Bathrooms Bathroom Remodel Remodeling Bathroom. 1 Hansgrohe 39010821 Axor Citterio Faucet, Brushed Nickel. At a quick glance at this bathroom faucet, you will instantly be mesmerized by its unique appeal and features. Not actually looking like the typical faucet with smoothed edge design, this has more squared features with a stick protruding from its top that is very distinctive as the faucet's lever Faucet Market Trends: Rapid urbanization, along with significant growth in the residential sector, is one of the key factors creating a positive outlook for the market. Furthermore, with the changing lifestyles and improving standards of living, there is an increasing demand for luxurious and ergonomically designed faucets that are convenient to use and are also aesthetically appealing.

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