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ChainlinkEcosystem is an unofficial site giving you the latest news and information about partnerships, collaborations and integrations with the Chainlink network. Official channels Twitte View the Chainlink Ecosystem. Every Chainlink partnership, collaboration and integration - all in one place. All AI Blockchain Compliance Consortium Credentials Data Provider DeFi Developer Tool Education EMINENT Energy Enterprise Gaming Health Infrastructure Insurance IoT Launchpad Layer 2 Marketing (). Open-source development and a growing ecosystem of users. Chainlink is driven by a large open-source community of data providers, node operators, smart contract developers, researchers, security auditors, and more. Monetize your API Run a Chainlink node

Ecosystem. Factsheets. Ranks. Videos. News. Altura. tlm June 11, 2021 2021, VRF. Altura Integrating Chainlink VRF to Power Provably Random Loot Boxes . Altura integration with ChainLink. Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Fifa, and League of Legends are just a few examples of games that utilize loot boxes. Loot boxes are a significant part of many video games. They provide users with the. For more information about Chainlink, visit: https://chain.link/ About Chainlink Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that helps resolve connectivity issues with smart contracts, enabling users to build blockchain-based smart contracts that securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. By doing so, Chainlink transforms the role that smart contracts can play in a vast number of sectors, including financial services, insurance, and supply.

Prophecy chooses Chainlink VRF for Prophet Pools The next evolution in verifiably fair dApps with Prophecy — rapid yield generation in a new, gamified vision. We're excited to announce that Prophecy, a DeFi and NFT-focused ecosystem of dApps and services, has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) across our flagship product — Prophet Pools. This comes as part of our. The Chainlink ecosystem is one such project with the aim to bring interoperability to the blockchain industry. Chainlink is essentially a decentralized oracle network of nodes that provide real world data and information from off-blockchain sources to the smart contracts on the blockchain

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Chainlink 2.0 and the future of Decentralized Oracle Networks This whitepaper expands the role of Decentralized Oracle Networks (DONs) in the blockchain ecosystem, laying out the key advancements for the Chainlink Network to power a suite of decentralized services for smart contracts on any blockchain A large collection of Chainlink material put together on one platform. #PoweredbyLINKMarines Chainlink (LINK) ist ein dezentrales Oracle-Netzwerk, welches es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, Smart Contracts mit Daten aus der realen Welt zu verbinden. Chainlink wurde von Sergey Nazarov entwickelt und von Steve Ellis mitbegründet Chainlink is open-source technology that is collectively developed by a large community of developers, researchers, and users who share the goal of building Chainlink into a public good for the benefit of the entire blockchain ecosystem

Chainlink Today is a one-stop shop for all the latest news surrounding the Chainlink ecosystem, DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts and blockchain Chainlink is the leading oracle solution for data providers to easily sell their existing data and APIs to smart contract applications on any blockchain. Talk to an expert Access the rapidly growing blockchain econom

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  1. Most recently, Chainlink is now integrated as a 'pallet', which allows Polkadot ecosystem to access accurate, up-to-date and tamper-proof price reference data for powering new products and markets. The Chainlink pallet can be added through relay-chain prior connection or parachain upon community voting after connection
  2. ChainLink works by connecting the blockchain ecosystem to external applications. On one end, it connects to the blockchain, and on the other, it is integrated with an API. The solution's base is built on oracles, which help in limiting trust in a single party and work seamlessly in a decentralized infrastructure
  3. Decentralized content ecosystem @contentosio will use Chainlink to aggregate performance data from cross-platform content. Such data provides insights into a content creator's influence, which can facilitate cash advances, tokenized investment & more. Partnership with Bloom - April,2020 @Bloom's Verifiable Credential data will be accessible to #DeFi applications through Chainlink oracles.
  4. Chainlink has been recognized by leading independent research firms, such as Gartner, and featured in many major publications such as MIT Technology Review, Forbes, and Coindesk. Ecosystem momentum Top-tier developers, academics, and entrepreneurs across the world are actively working to accelerate Chainlink adoption and expand the capabilities of smart contracts
  5. 2021 Update for Chainlink x Polkadot Ecosystem (According to Polkadot's Launch Roadmap) Since the integration of Chainlink into Polkadot's ecosystem last year February 24, 2020, Polkadot has been charging full steam ahead with its Parachain rollout
  6. Partnering With Chainlink to Deliver Ecosystem Security PancakeBunny is partnering with Chainlink to deliver a slate of innovative products and services that support and enable the degree of..

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Community grants seek to empower more and more Chainlink ecosystem teams who are building key tools and infrastructure that accelerate the development of universally connected smart contracts and secure oracle node infrastructure. Apply for a community grant. Apply for a community grant. Integration grants . The Integration grants encourage projects and teams from all over the world to procure. 5- CHAINLINK (LINK) This is the main oracle of various blockchains and it is also that of Polygon. This project is in charge of supplying the information of the real world to the blockchain so that smart contracts and decentralized applications are executed correctly. This oracle gives investors confidence since it is characterized by providing. Tintash awarded a co-sponsored Chainlink grant to natively integrate Chainlink Oracles into the Stacks ecosystem, bringing hybrid smart contracts to Bitcoin. Developers Fetch IPFS Data in Smart Contracts Using a Chainlink External Adapter. Learn how to use a Chainlink External Adapter to fetch IPFS data and reduce Ethereum gas fees for large token distributions and airdrops on Audius and other. Chainlink OCR will further accelerate the number of smart contracts in the Chainlink ecosystem. Additional Benefits of OCR. OCR is the third and latest version of the Chainlink Core client run by Chainlink nodes. Importantly, all Chainlink nodes operating in-production will now be running OCR and FluxMonitor clients in parallel to generate both scalability and security through redundancy.

Chainlink Keeper Network securely and cost-efficiently automates key smart contract functions for use cases such as liquidations, yield harvest, and rebasing Use Chainlink VRF to consume randomness in your smart contracts. Learn More. Call External APIs from Smart Contracts. Request & Receive data from any API using the Chainlink contract library. Learn More . Automate and Maintain with Chainlink Keepers. Chainlink Keepers provide smart contract developers, decentralized applications (dApps), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with a. Access the most versatile list of decentralized pricing networks to build your smart contracts, powered by the Chainlink networ Speaking to Decrypt about Chainlink 2.0 on April 15, Nazarov said that NFT, stablecoin and DeFi ecosystems could reach $ 500 billion in TVL this year. However, he stated that with Chainlink 2.0, smart contracts can be created that will enable the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.. DeFi ecosystem has grown. The TVL value of DeFi platforms in the Ethereum network has approached $ 80 billion

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  1. We've compiled a series of tutorials designed to teach smart contracts basics and how to use them to consume data from the Chainlink oracle ecosystem. Beginners. If you're new to smart contract development, this is a great place to start. We walk you through developing your first smart contract that interacts with Chainlink
  2. Introduction. Tell us more about your experience. External adapters are how Chainlink enables easy integration of custom computations and specialized APIs. External adapters are services which the core of the Chainlink node communicates via its API with a simple JSON specification. If you want a step by step, be sure to check out our blog post
  3. ister Chainlink, ETH1 and ETH2 nodes and provide oracle services for numerous EVM.
  4. Chainlink has been recognized as a leading project in the blockchain industry by global independent research firms, such as Gartner, and featured in many major publications such as MIT Technology Review, Forbes, and Coindesk. Ecosystem momentum. We're part of a world-class community building this pioneering technology together. We're united behind a common purpose: to accelerate blockchain.
  5. Chainlink is now integrated directly as a pallet, giving teams in the Polkadot ecosystem—specifically teams building parachains based on the Substrate framework—a straightforward approach for accessing high-quality external market data. Now, both non-native parachain teams and projects building applications on top of a parachain can integrate the Chainlink oracle pallet as a runtime module.

Highlighting Our Successful Chainlink HackerNode Event at Web3 Summit. As part of the Web3 Summit in Berlin, Chainlink hosted its own series of events focused around the ongoing development of the Chainlink ecosystem. The event featured nineteen speeches, three panel discussions, In the Chainlink ecosystem, this process starts when a user puts out a request Requesting Contract for information. This notification will list as a blockchain event within the network. This listing will then create a Chainlink Service Level Agreement (SLA) Contract. This contract also launches three other contracts in the system. Chainlink Reputation Contract. The first contract verifies an.

Today, global prediction platform Augur announced the launch of Augur Turbo, a fast-resolving, easy-to-use, decentralized prediction market platform for sports, cryptocurrency, politics and current events. Whereas the Augur v2 protocol incentivizes truth-seeking with a human-based oracle, Augur Turbo officially integrated Chainlink's decentralized oracle networks (DONs) to bring secure data. Chainlink is without a doubt one of the most active projects in the industry. If you have mixed feeling about this statement here are few facts about Chainlink ecosystem: ️ Chainlink has partnered or declared technical or business cooperation with 69 projects. ️ There are 24 node operators in the chainlink ecosystem

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The Chainlink ecosystem added 55 new integrations, including the forthcoming launch of NBA star LaMelo Ball's dynamic NFT collection in collaboration with Ether Cards. With Ether Cards and Chainlink, Ball will become the first professional athlete to commemorate career achievements through dynamic NFTs that create new, exclusive value for fans Over the past year, the smart contract ecosystem has expanded rapidly, driving an increase in demand for secure and reliable oracles that can provide high-quality data to DeFi protocols and decentralized applications. As the market-leading decentralized oracle solution, Chainlink is meeting this growing demand by continually expanding the types of data available to smart contracts across all. Ecosystem Chainlink Labs Becomes The First Web 3.0 Member Of The Hedera... This week, Hedera Hashgraph announced that Chainlink Labs will... Elizabeth Licorish-May 21 0. Read more. Ecosystem Rare Pizzas' DAO Will Fund A 10,000-Pizza Party On Bitcoin Pizza... NFTs are revolutionizing the world of digital art and... Elizabeth Licorish-May 19 0. Read more. Ecosystem Chainlink Hackathon Winner. As a Chainlink Ecosystem Strategist, you will provide relationship management and manage co-marketing activities with companies and projects in the Chainlink ecosystem building on dedicated blockchains (e.g. Polkadot, Matic, BSC etc.). You will take co-marketing calls and project manage opportunities to build a thriving Chainlink ecosystem, building relationships with blockchains by being a. During the initial coin offering for LINK, Chainlink announced a total and maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 LINK tokens. The current supply is about 419,009,556 LINK tokens, or about 42% of the total supply. According to the ICO documentation, 35% of the total token supply will go towards node operators and the incentivization of the ecosystem.

USING CHAINLINK KEEPERS Introduction Making Compatible Contracts Register Upkeep for a Contract Network Overview. USING ANY API Introduction to Using Any API Make a GET Request Make an Existing Job Request Find Existing Jobs API Reference Contract Addresses. DEVELOPER REFERENCE Install Instructions LINK Token Contracts Developer Communications Hackathon Resources User Guides Install, configure. Chainlink is everywhere in the crypto ecosystem. Over the past three years, its underlying oracle technology - a way to feed external data into programmable smart contracts - has been.

Growing the Smart Contract Ecosystem With New Data Types. Chainlink is driving the growth of the smart contract ecosystem by continuously bringing new datasets and off-chain resources on-chain, broadening the number of use cases. Education The 3 Levels of Data Aggregation in Chainlink Price Feeds. Chainlink Price Feeds incorporate three levels of data aggregation in each price update on-chain. Chainlink's main users are project developers who want to integrate Chainlink into their projects or those who want to sell their data and become part of the participating nodes. Some of the notable players participating in the Chainlink ecosystem include Aave , Synthetix , Yearn.Finance , and Google Chainlink, the decentralized network that provides real-world data to blockchains, has proved to be a worthy contender in the oracle space. Ethereum, on the other hand, is already well-known in the space for its smart contract functionality. The latter, however, is also the most actively used blockchain in the ecosystem, while the former is the [ Get the latest Bitcoin price, charts and data today

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Source: Chainlink. In Feb 2020, Chainlink announced that it had completed an initial integration with a Substrate-based blockchain. That marked a huge milestone as far as bringing Chainlink's network of decentralized oracles to the Substrate chain ecosystem and Polkadot Chainlink price feeds are sources of data aggregated from many independent Chainlink node operators. Each price feed has an on-chain address and functions that enable contracts to read from that address. For example, the ETH / USD feed. 6a. Using Chainlink price feeds. The following code is from the Get the Latest Price page. It describes a.

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  1. Strategy Lead, Ecosystem. In this role you will oversee the relationship and co-marketing activities with the 350+ companies and projects in the Chainlink ecosystem. Ecosystem members include top enterprises (Google, Oracle), major blockchains (Ethereum, Polkadot, Conflux, Tezos), leading Dapps (Synthetix, Aave), and more
  2. Chainlink - Official Channel (@chainlink) July 3, 2020. It is expected that Huobi experience with operating secure and reliable infrastructure will result in an another high quality source for data and assist with node decentralization on Chainlink. The move will further advance the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, being built majorly on Ethereum, for which Chainlink is the premier.
  3. g 31% Liquidity 3% Dev Pool 8% Reserves 1% Team 20%. Token Vesting Schedule . Charli3's Goals Our Vision. Decentralized oracles powering the DeFi ecosystem on.
  4. g, since Ethereum's program
  5. Chainlink, the God Protocol. Not sure if you have read this article, but I thought I drop this here (I'm not the author). Everything you need to know about Chainlink, especially if you are up to diving deep in the rabbit hole. My portfolio is pretty much BTC, ETH, and LINK
  6. Compare the two cryptocurrencies ChainLink (LINK) and Ecosystem Health Chain (EHC). Algorithm, price, market cap, volume, supply, consensus method, links and more

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One of the first use cases for Chainlink on NEAR will be providing pricing data for DeFi applications by leveraging their Price Reference Data framework. Other use cases include Open Web applications connecting to Chainlink's Web2 counter-parties t % o query their data (e.g., marketplace data for real estate, insurance, music, etc) Early Access. For the most efficient consumption of Chainlink VRF on Binance Smart Chain, please contact us using this form to create a payment channel, through which we can provide VRF to you at the cost of BSC network gas fees. You will only be paying in LINK for the gas costs incurred by the Chainlink node from calling your smart contract Chainlink allows for the decentralization of both data sources and oracle node providers, allowing for an externally connected smart contract to remain end-to-end secure. Today, Chainlink's oracles are live on Ethereum mainnet where they secure over $3 billion USD in value for lending protocols, synthetic asset platforms, asset tokenization.

Big data ecosystem GeoDB, also called Geo Data Block, is going to launch its own Chainlink node to provide data shared within the GeoDB ecosystem to blockchain networks with an initial focus on Ethereum providing location data to DApps like GPS-based on-chain rewards programs.. According to an announcement by GeoDB on Tuesday, February 9, GeoDB's Chainlink node will supply the location and. Chainlink is excited to enable more rapid DeFi development on Avalanche by providing ecosystem developers with quick and easy access to Chainlink Price Feeds. We plan to help facilitate the launch. Traditional market data enters cryptocurrency ecosystem. Chainlink oracles will get a boost as New Change FX, a data and analytics firm, announced that it would make its regulated benchmarks for. Chainlink Oracle Reputation is a data platform for the Chainlink Network. We have created a database of Ethereum data and built infrastructure which allows COR's users to understand, visualise and analyse the Chainlink ecosystem. We allow Chainlink users to do their due diligence on the network (i.e. evaluate the quality of the data service that they will be receiving) by providing end-to. As Director of Marketing, Ecosystem, you will spearhead our key marketing programs that support hundreds of projects within the Chainlink ecosystem. You will build and lead a cross functional team of marketers, writers, designers, communications managers and more. This is a career-defining opportunity to create and execute an ecosystem marketing agency strategy for one of the fastest.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem grows, Chainlink continues to grow with it to provide the real-world data it needs. Since it tends to add value to other projects rather than directly competing with them, Chainlink doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If Chainlink continues to be the go-to oracle network in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it may continue to see solid growth and. The community-run # Chainlink news website Chainlink Today is now live. Follow ChainlinkToday on Twitter for a one-stop-shop covering all ecosystem-related news, from industry trends to behind-the-scenes interviews and thought leadership We are excited to announce that Kava is actively onboarding Chainlink's reference price oracles onto the Kava blockchain, making them available to the entire Cosmos ecosystem. Any Cosmos Hub. Its network currently secures billions of dollars in value for smart contracts across the decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance and gaming ecosystems, among others. Chainlink is trusted by hundreds of organizations to deliver definitive truth via secure, reliable data feeds. To learn more, visit chain.link and follow @chainlink on Twitter Securing the Polywhale Ecosystem with Chainlink Oracles. Polywhale is a Polygon-based platform that aims to provide users with a full spectrum DeFi solution based on powerful incentive structures.

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Chainlink. January 19 at 6:23 AM ·. Prophet Finance is using #Chainlink VRF in its decentralized no-loss lottery to pick winners in a provably secure & fair manner. Backed by on-chain cryptographic proofs, Chainlink VRF provides Prophet users integrity guarantees on the selection process. Last week, we announced the launch of The Offertory. As the Senior Content Editor on our Ecosystem Marketing Team, you will be part of a team that creates insightful and engaging content to support hundreds of projects within the Chainlink ecosystem. You will oversee content co-marketing initiatives with Chainlink users and collaborate closely with a cross-functional team of writers, designers, communication managers, and more


Build and improve CI/CD pipelines for all parts of the Chainlink ecosystem, including Chainlink builds, adapters, and external-facing services. Create and maintain documentation and playbooks for the release processes of Chainlink and Chainlink-adjacent tools and services. Increase developer velocity by identifying areas of improvement in all parts of our software development life cycle and. Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) vs. Chainlink (LINK) Compare all cryptocurrencies against each other. Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) vs. Chainlink (LINK) Coin Time Machine. Performance; Compare; ATH; Best Crypto. 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010. Worst Crypto. 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010. Yearly High Low. 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016.

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March 17 ·. The community-run #Chainlink news website Chainlink Today is now live. Follow ChainlinkToday on Twitter for a one-stop-shop covering all ecosystem-related news, from industry trends to behind-the-scenes interviews and thought leadership. The latest community news. chainlinktoday.com Powering Konomi's DeFi Ecosystem With Chainlink. Konomi is an independent blockchain built using the Substrate development framework. Konomi has a built-in liquidity and money market protocol that aims to support cross-chain asset management within the Polkadot ecosystem. Through Konomi, users can borrow cross-chain assets and lend cross-chain liquidity across Polkadot dApps. To support our. Integrating Chainlink into the Cosmos ecosystem will enable over 247 applications and over $78 billion in digital assets to gain access to high-quality external data. Advertisement This is a giant step towards providing the Cosmos ecosystem with reliable oracles, empowering new use cases to be realized, stated Aidan Hyman, the Co-founder and CEO of ChainSafe. Chainlink's Community. We're pleased to add Chainlink Labs to the blue chip roster of companies on the Hedera Governing Council, Hedera's CMO, Christian Hasker, told Chainlink Today. As the first Web 3.0 member of the council, we look forward to working with them and other council members to explore the vast number of enterprise use cases that leverage Chainlink's oracle capabilities at the speed, low.

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Securing our Ecosystem with Chainlink Price Feeds. Pundi X is a borderless payment and becoming DeFi ecosystem with a mission to make digital currencies more accessible to individuals and. This integration was made possible by the recent launch of a Chainlink oracle pallet, which gives all projects within the Polkadot ecosystem, including parachains, substrate chains, and Kusama parachains like Karura, a standardized way to natively integrate Chainlink oracles. With Chainlink Price Feeds already pre-made, resistant to manipulation (i.e., protect against flash loan attacks. Chainlink's approach to security ensures the Juggernaut ecosystem always receives price data that reflects the entire trading market, providing protection against data manipulation attacks (e.g. flash loans) and actively removing outliers. This data needs is updated constantly throughout the day to deliver a dynamic experience. Thanks to Chainlink's existing integration into the BSC. Chainlink's integrations as the first oracle solution live on Arbitrum empowers developers to begin building and testing a wide range of scalable DeFi applications on Arbitrum that rely on the price of Ether, such as lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, derivatives platforms, synthetic assets, prediction markets and more, and the Offchain Labs team recommends Chainlink for any app.

VeChain, EOS, Chainlink Price: Uncertainty in price theLinkpool | Chainlink EcosystemWAX Blockchain integrating Chainlink's decentralizedKadena Collaborates with Chainlink in Industry’s First
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