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The Brave Foundation was founded in May 2015 by Brendan Eich, creator of the Javascript programming language and Mozilla Firefox, and Brian Bondy, in mid 2016 they anounced the Roadmap for the Basic Attention Token and the Brave Browser, a privacy focused Browser with built in Blockchain Technology Basic Attention Token Events, News & Roadmap: Hard Fork, Halving, Release, Airdrop. 279. Price, BTC. 0.00001598. ETH. 0.000268133. USD. 0.523025. 1h Basic Attention Token is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in a new, blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform. Users earn for their attention abut maintain privacy as they earn BAT for viewing ads Der Basic Attention Token (BAT) verwendet die Ethereum Blockchain und Brave, einen spezialisierten Webbrowser, der BAT als native Währung mit Zugang zu einer Vielzahl von Werbeleistungen hostet. BATs sind für den Austausch zwischen Nutzern, Werbekunden und Publishern konzipiert und ermöglichen es Werbeunternehmen, die Aufmerksamkeit der Nutzer zu kommerzialisieren

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Get Whitepaper, Roadmap & more Basic Attention Token Roadmap. Brendan Eich's Company Brave released The Basic-Attention-Token/BAT 2017. Get Whitepaper, Roadmap & more Monero Roadmap. Monero/XMR is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on fungibility, privacy and decentralization. Get Whitepaper, Roadmap & more Yearn Roadmap Basic Attention Token werden auch von mehreren DeFi-Protokollen als Sicherheit betrachtet. Dazu gehören MakerDAO und Compound. Der Aggregator hingegen ermöglicht Nutzern, Token aus dem Browser heraus zu tauschen. Außerdem erhalten BAT-Token-Inhaber oder jene, die Transaktionszahlungen in BVT abwickeln, Rabatte. Neben ermäßigten Gebühren. Consult the roadmap for a high-level description of all currently planned phases of BAT integration. The Basic Attention Token is the new token for the digital advertising industry. It pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while providing advertisers with more in return for their ads

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The map is not the terrain, so each roadmap will age past a point of usefulness. This has been the case with the BAT Roadmap 1.0 published on June 18, 2017, shortly after our Basic Attention Token launch. This 2.0 roadmap intends to cover the next year to 18 months Basic Attention Token (BAT) Roadmap 2.0 and Beyond Capitalizing on User Base and Mass Adoption. BAT claims to be the crypto asset for the new Internet economy based on blockchain-based digital advertising. Basic Attention Token recently expressed, We've been busy since we shared the BAT Roadmap 2.0 in February

Overview on Basic Attention Token. Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave browser offer a decentralized, digital advertising platform built on the Ethereum network that fundamentally changes the way users, publishers and advertisers interact. The utility of the token is imbued in the name itself- Basic Attention Token commodifies user attention within the digital realm BAT ist die Abkürzung für Basic Attention Token. Es handelt sich um eine transparente digitaleWerbeplattform, die auf der EthereumBlockchain aufbaut. Das Projekt wurdevon vielen als Die Zukunft der Internet-Werbung gelobt. DasProblem zur Zeit: Publisher und Werbetreibenden kommunizieren in der Regelnicht direct miteinander

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  1. g events of Brave and BAT development. Ongoing work for Brave Core Android builds; New work in social tipping; Ethereum HD wallet support; Ad-block exceptions to be disabled by default and.
  2. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an open-source, blockchain-based, distributed platform, which works on Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contract technology. This is a native cryptocurrency of Brave ecosystem. BAT crypto is an incentive for all users of the ecosystem. Every Brave participant earns some of BAT cryptocurrency
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  4. Basic Attention Token Plans and Roadmap. BAT is quite ambitious, though a great deal has already been accomplished. Over 16,000 publishers have signed up as of May 2018, the ICO has taken place with the tokens being fully funded, and there are currently around 400,000 BAT wallets, with 2.4M active Brave users per month. Most of the milestones on their roadmap have been achieved, and the.
  5. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a revolutionary digital advertising and rewards platform from the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox that rewards users in Ethereum-based BAT tokens for any ads they choose to see. BAT locally matches ads to users without any tracking or data collection required
  6. Here are some Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD) price predictions: Digital Coin Price has a Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD) price prediction of $2.40 by the end of 2021 and $3.41 by the end of 2023,..

Basic Attention Token: Roadmap. The BAT roadmap in 2019 is GitHub. More information you can find here. 2019: Milestone 7: 0.60.x (done) Rust support for brave-core. Ads integration into Brave. Consulta las últimas Basic Attention Token noticias, incluyendo tweets, videos y publicaciones. BAT noticias de todo el mundo en un solo lugar BAT Roadmap 2.0: Update 1. At Brave, we want to make crypto usable and defi accessible for everyone, and towards that end we are excited to share the progress we have made since we published the BAT Roadmap 2.0 in February 2021

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) Details on its 2021 roadmap are scarce, but it received a $1 million in funding form iFinex in late 2020, and also took 'around 10%' stake in a Dutch stock exchange for SMEs. Interesting activity going on here! Stats as of 29 - 03 - 2021 . Market Cap: $140,955,740. Circulating Supply: 1368,103,806 DUSK. 2021 YTD performance: ~900%. 18. Pond (POND) The. Compare the two cryptocurrencies Basic Attention Token (BAT) and XRP (XRP). Algorithm, price, market cap, volume, supply, consensus method, links and more Roadmap. Roadmap FAQ. Token Metrics. Token Metrics Summary. Token FAQ. Documentation. User Manual. Powered by GitBook. Roadmap FAQ. Answers to the hot-button questions on the future of RNDR. What is RNDR's partnership with Sia? SiaCoin is a project that the RNDR team has kept on its radar for a number of years, and the possibility of integration has been discussed. However, at the present. Digibyte Frühere Preisbewegungen. Bevor ich mir einige der Digibyte Prognosen für 2021 anschaue, dachte ich, dass es eine gute Idee wäre, schnell einen Blick darauf zu werfen, wie sich die Coin bis jetzt entwickelt hat. Interessanterweise war die DGB-Coin von ihrem Gründungsjahr 2014 bis Mai 2017 praktisch wertlos As the creators had no serious plans for their currency they didn't elaborate a roadmap and were not working on the improvement of their project too much. The founder of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer left the project in 2015. Read more: About: Basic Attention Token (or BAT) is an utility token and ad exchange tool associated with the Brave browser. BAT is an open-source decentralized project as it's.

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Basic Attention Token: Brave Sync Is Now Available And $70 A Year For Watching Ads. Paradigm. Follow. Apr 11, 2019 · 8 min read. Biweekly update 28th March — 11th April. This is not financial. BAT Roadmap 2.0. 2021-02-23T19:00:08+00:00 Categories: BAT News Stories | Tags: Basic Attention Token , BAT, blockchain, DeFi, Ethereum | Search for: Meta. Log in; Entries feed; Comments feed; WordPress.org; FREE Training. Meme Videos. Cryptocurrencies. ATOM Band Protocol Basic Attention Token BAT BCH Binance Coin Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin SV blockchain BNB BSV BTC Chainlink COMP Cosmos DAI. Welcome to r/BATProject, the official subreddit for Basic Attention Token (BAT)!This introductory guide is designed to help you gain a big picture understanding BAT: what it is, what it solves, and how. For more detailed information, please refer to the whitepaper.For an outline of BAT's release phases, please refer to the roadmap.. You can find fantastic beginner tutorial videos, courtesy of. Here are some Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD) price predictions: Digital Coin Price has a Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD) price prediction of $2.40 by the end of 2021 and $3.41 by the end of 2023. BAT or Basic Attention Token is a utility token aiming to provide privacy-based web tools for advertisers and users to monetize attention on the web in a decentralized way via Blockchain-based technologies. Therefore, the BAT ecosystem moves around a browser (Brave), a privacy-based search engine (Brave Search), and a utility token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token Info. Der Cryptotoken Basic Attention Token verwendet üblicherweise das Kürzel 'BAT' und ist seit dem Jahr 2017 unterwegs (seit etwa 4 Jahren). Er kann von Minern nicht geschürft werden. Dabei wurden vor Veröffentlichung keine Einheiten geschürft (Premine). Basic Attention Token ist ein OpenSource Projekt Digital Coin Price has a Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD) price prediction of $2.40 by the end of 2021 and $3.41 by the end of 2023, with a five-year prediction of $5.57. Wallet Investor has a one.

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  1. Led by Brendan Eich (creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla), Basic Attention Token (BAT) project is an open-source, decentralized ad exchange platform built on the Ethereum platform. The project seeks to address fraud and opaqueness in digital advertising. The token aims to correctly price user attention within the platform. Advertisers pay BAT to website publishers for the attention.
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  3. According to our Basic Attention Token analysis, this investment has a 4.3 safety rank and +157.6% expected profit with the price of BAT moving to $1.48. The main ranking factor for this coin is User Voting
  4. Basic Attention Token News Basic Attention Token Twitter.com 23 d ago The latest @brave desktop browser update (v1.25.68) features the highly-requested Custom Amount tipping
  5. Basic Attention Token (oder BAT) ist ein Dienstprogramm-Token und Ad Exchange Tool, das mit dem Brave Browser verknüpft ist. BAT ist ein dezentrales Open-Source-Projekt, das auf der Ethereum-Blockchain basiert. Das Konzept von BAT zielt darauf ab, die Beziehungen zwischen Benutzern, Werbetreibenden und Publishern zu ändern und einen separaten Anzeigenbereich zu schaffen, in dem Anzeigen von.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) @AttentionToken BAT - the crypto asset for the new Internet economy. Blockchain-based digital advertising Compare the two cryptocurrencies Basic Attention Token (BAT) and VeChain (VET). Algorithm, price, market cap, volume, supply, consensus method, links and more The Basic Attention Token creator had a clear vision to help customers, advertisers, and users. He emphasized the goal of avoiding any discomfort while using the web. Eventually, he decided to create an ecosystem with the solemn purpose of accomplishing precisely that. After some time passed from the BAT tokens' creation and distribution, BAT integrated elements into a specific web browser. VANCAT Token Roadmap Q1-2021. Main idea of the project was discussed with the team and the team researched how can the idea could be possible. In crypto world we see many p rojects that are duplicates of each other everyday. So we had to be different from them and bring a new perspective to the NFT world The ability to earn BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) for viewing ads will come in several weeks in our beta channel. Users will then be able to earn 70% of the revenue share coming from those ads. Brave Ads will be integrated in Brave's upcoming 1.0 desktop browser on all platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux), as well as in the Android app (iOS will be available later). As part of Brave Rewards.

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Families in Gaza, in particular children, are being displaced, injured and do not have access to the basic necessities for life. The GAZA token was created to help fund and bring attention to humanitarian charities that are helping to alleviate this suffering. 4% of every GAZA token transaction will be automatically donated to fund these. Basic Attention Token predictions 2021. BAT, since the remainder of the market, is tied at the hip of bitcoin's price actions. In case bitcoin embarks on a different bull run, Basic Attention Token could expect for you as well. However, situation quickly stabilized and bitcoin since the flagbearer took the crypto market back up Basic Attention Token Airdrop is a total of 50,000 BAT tokens to the first 5,000 participants. To participate, sign up, complete social tasks, and submit your details to the event page to receive 10 BAT each of them. Steps for Basic Attention Token Airdrop: Sign up at Extstock and verify your email id. Visit the Extstock event page Basic Attention Token BAT. Global Average. BAT/US O Basic Attention Token, ou Token da Atenção Básica (tradução livre), é uma plataforma de publicidade digital sediada no blockchain do Ethereum.A plataforma é composta de vários componentes, incluindo um mercado de anúncios digitais (que permite que os anunciantes comprem espaço de anúncio/atenção do usuário), painéis de análise estatística sobre campanhas de anúncios.

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GateChain is a next-generation public blockchain, focused on onchain asset safety and decentralized trading. With a uniquely designed Vault Account, primed for handling abnormal transactions, GateChain presents an extraordinary clearing mechanism, tackling the challenges of asset theft and private key loss. Decentralized trading and cross-chain transfers will also be supported, alongside other. The document addresses the most common question from the community - the roadmap of upcoming asset support. I'll continue to update this document via direct conversation with the Exodus team. Assets selection guidelines . Assets most likely to qualify should meet these criteria: be in the top 20 market cap as quoted by Coincap.io; have good trade volume as quoted by Coincap.io; be supported by. Roadmap on Binance with Basic Attention Token. Outperform the market by using roadmap on Binance and make profits with BAT within minutes. Trade With Bots. Featured On. Works with the top 10. mainstream Exchanges. guaranteed . Security & Encryption Great, automatic trading system made easy, for all kinds of members of the community. Mark. Develop automatic crypto bot, over and over. Ever. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a digital advertising token. It is built on the Roadmap Pre 1.0 BAT: The following features are already in place: An anonymized ledger system for making donations and payments to publishers based on user attention. The secure vault using the ANONIZE algorithm to ensure customer privacy is an important piece of the BAT ecosystem. Brave is already measuring. BAT Roadmap 2.0: Update 1. Basic Attention Token - 2 months ago. At Brave, we want to make crypto usable and defi accessible for everyone, and towards that end we are excited to share the progress we Breaking News on the Block Follow 7,534 755. May 13 1392839349235032065. Brave Integrates .Crypto Blockchain Domains, Expanding Access to Web 3.0 - CoinDesk #bat . Brave Integrates .Crypto.

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Basic Attention Token Price Analysis BAT Price BAT News Opinion. Both the BAT/BTC and BAT/ETH pairs are neutral to bearish with prices below the 200-day EMA and below the daily Cloud Understanding Basic Attention Token (BAT): An easy introduction. I want to share a simple guide to help people understand BAT: what it is, what it solves, and how. People are naturally very. The Basic Attention Token community also has roadmaps set to further monetize the whole ecosystem through the currency. The ecosystem incorporates machine learning algorithms in order to match the most relevant type of advertisement based on the basic attention provided by the viewers to the content Basic Attention Token is clearly one of these solutions of the future, which justifies its immense potential. 2. Brave Browser Has More Than 100 Million Downloads. Unlike many cryptocurrency. Introduction. Brave launched the Basic Attention Token (BAT) in May 2017 with the aim of realizing the vision executing on the mission of the Basic Attention Token white paper.. In the years that followed, the team has delivered a private advertising and creator reward platform with BAT utility to the 24.1M monthly active users and over 7.8M daily active users in Brave

Roadmaps. Both competitors are displaying a roadmap for their token. It is yet to be seen if AdShares will release their ESC blockchain on time. Basic Attention Token. BAT Mercury (summer 2017) - Integrate BAT into the Brave browser. BAT Gemini (fall 2017/winter 2018) - Machine learning to fight fraud. BAT Apollo (rest of 2018) - Integrate BAT into other apps. AdShares. AdShares ICO. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC20 token seeking to disrupt and decentralize online advertising by removing middlemen from the equation. Instead the BAT team would like to see advertisers, publishers, and end users paying each other directly in a more useful and egalitarian way. The advertising industry is currently using antiquated methods fo Basic Attention Token Jennie T, Director of Community and Partnership. BAT Roadmap 2.0 The 2.0 roadmap intends to cover the next year to 18 months of development. Read about the proposed Brave DEX Aggregator: Discounts when using BAT for transaction fees, discounts for BAT holders, BAT utility for search engines; new Brave Wallet, and more in BAT Roadmap 2.0 Token-Agnostic, Attention Management and Rewards. BOLD is being built to be Token Agnostic. We want BOLD to be your single-window interface to intelligently manage your campaigns marketplace compliant Blockchain ad-ecosystem and ad/attention tokens.That includes tokens like BAT (Basic Attention Token), and other similar ad-focused tokens Previsioni Basic Attention Token 2021 - Basic Attention Token futuro. Basic Attention Token è un progetto blockchain in rapida crescita. Ha una comunità in rapida crescita, un team che sa cosa sta facendo e ha sempre più partnership nel settore. Sempre più persone e aziende stanno usando Basic Attention Token. Dare un prezzo futuro.

Basic Attention Token gradually started building up to $0.27, briefly touching the $0.28 resistance level on November 18 th. Since then, we have noticed from charts that the token has taken a downward trend, eventually hitting $0.20 on November 22 nd. The token fluctuated between $0.20 and $0.22 until November 30 th The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that works within the free, privacy-focused Brave Browser, The Brave and BAT roadmap in the white paper is loosely-defined, containing some major improvements, developments, and initiatives. You can find the original roadmap 1.0 here, current roadmap here, and more information on some developments outside of the roadmap is. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based digital advertising token. The mission of the BAT team is to fix the broken state of the current digital advertising space in which users are unknowingly tracked, publishers are having trouble monetizing content, and advertisers are constant victims to fraud As the roadmap explained, Brave will launch an Ethereum-native wallet platform that will support several NFT and decentralized finance use cases. In addition, the wallet will provide API functionality and mobile support. The primary DeFi component is a DEX aggregator, which will look to reward holders of the company's Basic Attention Token . It will offer discounts to users who make BAT. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) uses the Ethereum Blockchain and it`s Brave Browser, a specialized web browser that hosts BAT as a native currency with access to a variety of advertising services. BATs are designed for the exchange between users, advertisers and publishers. They enable advertising companies to commercialize user attention. The BAT team plans to introduce digital advertising.

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) Basic Attention Token. $0.68032. Recent news. BAT-0.05% · twitter.com · 4h. Brave (and BAT) featured as the first and Excellent. Highly Recommended. option on the frontpage of r/CryptoCurrency. @brave browser featured as the first and Excellent. Highly Recommended. option on a frontpage discussion at the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit.As crypto adoption and. Or could this token serve an advertising purpose outside of the browser? Let me know what you think! BTC Basic Attention Token. $0.67561. Recent news. BAT +1.26% · searchenginejournal.com · 10h. this website posted the screenshots of brave search I think brave told to not post screenshots. Brave Search may present a challenge to Google. Preview a new privacy-first search engine that. Basic Attention Token (CCC: BAT-USD) is up nearly 25% in trading today. BAT-USD has been receiving increased investor attention in recent weeks following the launch of a Grayscale trust Investment analysis, reviews, scores, and ratings of Basic Attention Token (BAT). Ratings are crowdsourced from reliable crypto asset rating agencies, independent analysts, and experienced investors. A token based on the Ethereum technology, is a unit of exhange in a new Blockchain based digital advertising system

Basic Attention Token. $0.67561 1.26%. Add to Watchlist BAT · 88w. Staking BAT. Curious if anyone has experience in staking BAT? I have a trading stack and some hidden in the back of the sofa, and now I am looking at crypto.com etc for locking up some bat for a bit of passive. Thanks. Go to self.BATProject. searchenginejournal.com. this website posted the screenshots of brave search I think. EOS Coin Value. The current EOS price is $2.49 with a total market capitalization of $2,292,996,565. EOS hit its best price of $22.89 on April 29, 2018. Since then, the price has been fluctuating drastically. However, the EOS return of investment (ROI) is currently 141.35% Basic Attention Token radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the Brave platform. The utility of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a. Abyss cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token, based on the Ethereum platform. The token is used for the purchase and as a user incentive on the platform. The Abyss platform has high-level protection in the 2FA form. The ecosystem also consists of a forum as a shared space of communication for gamers. The main principle of the Abyss Platform Basic Attention Token (BAT): The internal token of the Brave browser; the CEO of Brave is Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox; although the initial purpose of the BAT token is to allow advertisers to pay for users' attention when they view ads via Brave, the BAT token can potentially be used as a general digital currency for Brave user.

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On Wednesday, Brave published a roadmap update for Basic Attention Token. Highlights include partnering with Binance Smart Chain, an NFT launch and the creation of a native HD wallet keyring for Ethereum and Bitcoin (CCC: BTC-USD). Brave also introduced support for NFT purchases in February. Grayscale launched a trust focused solely on Basic Attention Token in mid-March, alongside four other. Basic Attention Token (BAT) January 14, 2018 by Crypto Coin Judge Millions of internet users spend endless hours online and a sufficient amount of time is wasted by unwanted ads popping up while they are browsing Earn Basic Attention Token, or BAT, With Coinbase Earn. In an effort to make BAT easier to use and easier to understand, Brave Software is working with Coinbase Earn, a product that allows users to earn utility tokens by viewing and completing educational tasks. $5 million, denominated in BAT, is being designated for this Coinbase Earn. BASIC TOKEN ATTENTION is een crypto project welke goed bezig is de laatste tijd. Ten opzichte van een jaar geleden is de koers ook goed gestegen, maar het potentieel is nog velen malen groter. Het is altijd belangrijk bij een project te kijken naar de toekomst, omdat de potentiële verwachting hier in zit Basic Attention Token real-time price, code checkins, social posts, charts, news, stats, and more

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On Friday (13 July 2018), Coinbase announced that it is exploring the idea of adding support for several new digital assets: Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and 0x (ZRX). Coinbase says that it is making this announcement internally at Coinbase and to the public at the same time to remain transparent with our customers about support for future. Brave Search may present a challenge to Google. Preview a new privacy-first search engine that respects publishers and is committed to unbiased result

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Basic Attention Token. Basic Attention Token vise à remplacer le modèle publicitaire de Google avec son projet proposant un modèle publicitaire équitable. Le projet connaît déjà un beau succès avec plus de 5 millions d'utilisateurs actifs mensuels pour le navigateur Brave Browser sur lequel ce modèle peut être expérimenté. Parmi les différents projets de crypto monnaies, Basic. According to its BAT Roadmap 2.0, announced today, Brave is creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator as well as a new Brave Wallet to replace its current crypto wallets. The additions will extend the firm's reach beyond web browsing and into decentralized finance ( DeFi ), the multibillion dollar industry of crypto-based. Enjin (ENJ) Blockchain Review. Enjin coin is based on Ethereum platform. It runs on smart contracts and enables developers, content creators and community organizers to use a host of new tools for managing virtual goods. There is no mining in the system. The development of the Enjin Coin project forms a wide range for both game developers and. Basic Attention Token adalah serambi iklan digital sumber terbuka, terdesentralisasi berbasis pada Ethereum, yang didirikan Brendan Eich. Basic Attention Token (BAT) mengadakan penawaran koin awal (ICO) pada 31 Mei 2017 untuk token utilitas ERC20nya, menggalang dana sekitar $35 juta pada saat itu dalam waktu kurang dari 30 detik. Token ini dirancang untuk dengan benar menilai dan menghargai. Last month, Bitstamp listed Aave (AAVE), Basic Attention Token (BAT), and Universal Market Access (UMA). Earlier this year, he exchange also added Maker (MKR), Dai (DAI), and several other tokens. As reported by U.Today, Bitstamp became the first major cryptocurrency exchange to suspend XRP trading in the U.S. back in December after affiliated company Ripple got sued by the U.S. Securities and.

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LINA tokens serve as the base collateral to mint Liquids. However, customers can also use other digital assets like ETH and wBTC to cover 20% of this base collateral. The Linear Exchange provides unlimited liquidity for Liquids and lowers the settlement timeframe to as low as one second per block — making it suitable for high-frequency traders and those running algorithmic trading software. The next big Cardano news shows that the 2020 roadmap after the hard fork scheduled on 29 July, the platform will implement an ERC20 converter that will allow the migration of the tokens from the Ethereum network to Cardano, as we are reading more in the Cardano coin news today.. Cardano will launch an ERC20 converter that will allow the migration of the tokens from the Ethereum network to. 1080p. Live. 00:00. 13:44. 13:44. Oct 21, 2019. Chainlink's Sergey Nazarov talks with CoinDesk reporter, Christine Kim about his platform and the changes planned for the new year

AMA with Marshall Rose | Basic Attention TokenBrave Announces Roadmap 2030 Analiza projektu BAT #001 – KownetDogecoin (DOGE) Follows the Moderate Trend; Moves AroundBAT Announces Expansion of Global Community and Calls for
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