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Each subscriber gets a private Podcast RSS feed that's unique to them. Depending on whether or not they have a paid subscription, the feed might include public episodes or public and paid episodes (we include a paywalled version of the subscriber-only posts in the Podcast RSS feeds) Vor etwas weniger als einem Monat berichteten wir, dass die Newsletter so stark zunahmen, dass Substack Inbox entwickelte, einen E-Mail-Newsletter-Reader im RSS-Reader-Stil. Das Unternehmen hatte.. Substack is by far a better platform than Medium for content creators. But you still don't fully own your content. Substack is a platform, not an aggregator, but not open-source. You can't export your content and take it somewhere else. You can export your email list but Substack stores no information other than the email address, which is painful when migrating Earnings estimate calculated for 800 paying subscribers, priced $7/month. It is net of Substack and credit card fees. Actual subscriber counts and earnings may vary. How many subscribers could I get? It depends on how many people find value in what you're making. If you have a highly engaged email list, aim for 10% to become paid subscribers over time

Paste in your current RSS feed URL. You can find it from your current host or on your Apple Podcasts dashboard. Substack will show you a preview of your podcast. Make sure everything looks good, and once you confirm, Substack will clone all your old content onto your Substack. Note that none of your old content will be deleted Substack has developed an RSS reader with the goal of enhancing the user experience by means of, you guessed it, recommendations: I think one of the reasons that we think an experience like this could be really good is it could be a way to discover new writers you want to subscribe to, Best said

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  1. Glenn Greenwald. May 21. 625. Comment. 722. Share. Share. The Squad Enables Pelosi's Massive Capitol Police Spending Bill While Cynically Feigning Op. Three Squad members -- all of whom recently chanted Defund the Police -- had the power to kill a $1.9 billion increase in Capitol Police and security
  2. Substack is a platform to send letters. You can publish free letters. This is your free rock concert. You can publish paid letters
  3. Interview on Rising: On Elite Politics and the Possibility of Left-Right Dialogue In a discussion with Rising's Emily Jashinsky about the Substack article, Congratulations, Elitists: Liberals and Conservatives Do Have Common Intere
  4. There's now a Google Reader-style RSS feed for your newsletter habit. You can add RSS feeds to Substack Reader, too, but it's fairly bare-bones. One issue some people are facing amid the boom in.
  5. Substack is an email newsletter platform designed for small publishers hoping to turn their subscribers into paying customers. Writers get a content management system (CMS) built for publishing.

Substack, the hot subscription newsletter startup, is building a reader app to help people manage all of their newsletters in a single place. That's the word from Substack CEO Chris Best on this.. Sullivan's Substack quickly rose to become the fifth-most-read among paid subscriptions—he claimed that his income had risen from less than $200,000 at New York magazine to $500,000. When I. Why We're Freaking Out About Substack. A company that makes it easy to charge for newsletters has captivated an anxious industry because it embodies larger forces and contradictions. Danny, left.

Substack allows writers to easily charge for subscription access to your Substack newsletter, on an ongoing basis. They entice readers with an incredibly simple sign up form for your Substack newsletter. The writer only needs to link their Stripe account to enable monetization. Although this feature is less critical, it is also cool that. A contrarian progressive, old-school blogger, and co-founder of Vox who just joined Substack, Matt and I discuss the 2020 election and his new book, One Billion Americans, the case for making America greater by inviting more immigrants. We touch on many other topics: the progressives who find patriotism hokey, the black voters who support Biden more than white liberals do, the cancel culture on the right, Matt's dissent over my use of Christianists, the importance of diversity. Substack will, then, suit Cummings far more than a traditional paid newspaper column might - he can be his own editor, publish whatever he likes confined only by UK defamation law, and write as lengthily as he so chooses. What's more, he can set himself up in opposition to boring old traditional media, framing himself as part of the next wave. Cummings might find that a future on Substack serves him quite well, both as a calling card for other work and as an outlet in itself What follows is an unedited guest post by the author of Applied Divinity Studies about Substack. While I don't necessarily endorse everything said in the text that follows, I thought it was an interesting post and the author asked me to guest-post it here. Some thoughts of my own as a prologue: Looking at things I read in my RSS I notice first that indeed I look at my RSS reader (Feedly), and. Your Substack page can't be hosted on your own website domain. This means the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit goes to Substack, not to you and your internet dreams. Substack has no automation or sales funnels. This means you can't sell a digital product like an eBook, course, or coaching later on. Effectively you need to run an email provider like ConvertKit and Substack. Substack.

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  1. If you're worried about all your newsletter subscriptions getting lost in your inbox, Substack may have a solution. Today the platform is launching an RSS reader called Substack Reader, which offers a streamlined collection of your latest newsletters. Solving inbox clutter? I find it amusing that a company who exists to deliver newsletters to inboxes
  2. Perhaps the best thing about Substack Reader is that it feels like a modern version of Google Reader, the insanely popular and forever missed RSS reader. If you subscribe to lots of RSS feeds and.
  3. Substack Reader Substacks RSS Reader for their newsletters. Tech. Substacks Reader is their solution to getting newsletters out of your email inbox, and into a much better reading experience. If you're interested in newsletters, you'll love this! Tweet Share Embed Collect. Featured 6mo ago. Hunter. Robert Bye. Building products in NYC. 4 Makers. Nadia Eghbal. Substack. Jeremy Ashkenas.
  4. Substack publications already have rss support, any 3rd party rss reader can be used to consume the news letters. This doesn't really work for paid newsletters. The two exceptions I've found are for RSS readers that operate as browser extensions and for substack podcasts, which come with a dedicated RSS address for each subscriber

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While the Substack moderation controversy ended up raising Ghost's profile, plenty of writers are now switching to Ghost for other reasons. Like financial ones. Uri Bram, the publisher of. A Substack newsletter by Purple Monkey Ballers. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Dimension Theory Is Real! Film Entertainment is Not Fiction but Real? Purple Monkey Ballers: 1: Share . New Top What is Dr. J's Insights ? About. Pain! Listen now (63 min) | Thoughts. Purple Monkey Ballers. Apr 23: 1: Share . The Warrior! Legend. Substack newsletter launch. When launch day comes, do this the day before: Post an announcement of your Substack newsletter on every social media platform you are on. Highlight the mission of your newsletter, what readers will get, and the topics you will cover. Explain your first story is coming tomorrow and it's one people do not want to miss. Let your newsletter stay on free for at least.

A Substack newsletter by DMKM. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Kamyab Pakistan Program: Castles in the air The elusive dream of 5 million low cost houses in Budget 2021-2022. DMKM: 2: 2: Share . New Top Community What is SBP watch (and other hot takes) ? About. I can't believe this substack is free Tooting my own horn over the. Substack is for creators who want to charge for their newsletter, or want an easy path for combining a blog and a newsletter. Where Revue Comes In. Revue is a Dutch newsletter company, founded in 2015, that has been steadily growing in popularity as an alternate choice to the above options. The largest hurdle to its growth is that it has limited free options, all of which only allow up to 50. And, once you have found the RSS feed, you can add one or several to an RSS feed reader to see the latest updates of your favorite website(s) in an easy to read application. We recommend this post by Zapier if you're looking for free RSS Reader apps. Do you need a podcast RSS feed? If so, check out our post here on how to create one in under 5 minutes. If you are looking for your website's. A little less than a month ago we reported that newsletters were growing so much that Substack was developing Inbox, an RSS reader-style email newsletter..

A Substack newsletter. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Alive People, Alive Art Listen now (36 min) | Ep. 80 Share . New Top Community What is A Drink With a Friend? About. A Traveler's Mindset Listen now (56 min) | Ep. 79. Jun 11: Share . Dead People, Alive Art Listen now (44 min) | Ep. 78. Jun 4: Share . Arguing > Quarreling. Sadly, substack doesn't appear to support RSS. Yes, I can see that they would love to email me your reports, but email is mostly for trash, these days. Solaric says. August 27, 2020 at 2:17 pm. I'm a bit disappointed as I do not and will never use twitter or facebook, but I'm delighted you'll be doing some more longer form writing again. Thanks so much for letting us know where to keep an eye.

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How Does Substack Work? This platform makes it easy for writers to create, launch and monetize their work through email newsletters. With the exception of the presidential election, its aftermath. Moving to substack. Let me just start with the bottom line: going forward, I'm moving the entire blog over to substack. If you want to keep getting new posts in your inbox/rss feed (or wherever you get it), please subscribe here (if you subscribe to the premium site, you shouldn't need to do anything; we worked with substack to make sure you. Buttondown takes none of your profits - ever. You shouldn't be penalized for growing. That's why Buttondown's fee doesn't inflate with your newsletter's success. Substack is also missing some of the key features required to make an easy, technically-inclined newsletter, like support for scheduled emails, analytics, and an API. Feature When you tap on an RSS feed or a Substack publication, the web app loads the other website directly through a safari view controller with a convenient back button. Once added to your home screen, Substack Reader works like a native app. Perhaps the best thing about Substack Reader is that it feels like a modern version of Google Reader, the insanely popular and forever missed RSS reader. If.

Substack CEO Chris Best tells me that while he's not out to kill what's left of big media, the ad-free newsletter model has advantages over what traditional journalism has become—a chase for. Paris, France - 27/08/2019. Patti Smith has launched a new weekly newsletter via Substack. In an intro letter, Smith said she hoped to use the newsletter to form an inter-connective body of. Substack, Media Fragmentation & PR. How the Explosion in News Creators impact Communications Pros. It was inevitable. The ability to profit from a personal news brand through the creation and distribution of original content has gotten even easier. We the media started 15+ years ago with CGM/blogging and, to a lesser degree, podcasting and has evolved to the point where established. Substack, the newsletter-publishing platform that has championed this new model, takes 10% of the proceeds in return for handling distribution and billing. Launching a Substack newsletter today is.

Publish on Substack Listen now (34 min) | Hi Fintech Architects, Welcome back to our podcast series! For those that want to subscribe in your app of choice, you can now find us at Apple, Spotify, or on RSS. In this conversation, we talk with Marwan Forzley of Veem about how the rampant evolution of the mobile phone spurred his fascination to turn the phone into a business-to-business (B2B. The billionaire talks about the ProPublica tax leak, capitalism, corporate cowardice, the Chinese Communist Party, cryptocurrency & more. Mark Cuban on F*ck You Mone Substack has lost several high-profile writers in recent days thanks to a new initiative that weakens its claims of editorial impartiality. As the platform figures out its position on content.

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Substack's model of taking 10 percent of its writers' subscriptions is too greedy of a slice to take of anyone's business with very little in return, said Ghost's founder and chief executive, John O'Nolan, a tattooed, nomadic Irishman who is bivouacked in Hollywood, Fla. He said he believed subscription newsletter publishing was destined to be commoditized. But Ghost represents an even. Substack Importer has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Translate Substack Importer into your language. Interested in development? Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS Because it's literally will you, it is very powerful and intimate. You can do it without even being asked. You can just give a long speech about your dream of marriage, and it will be powerful to your crush. Ada is the smallest of the GPT-3 variants, and has completely lost the plot. Here are Ada's pickup lines And then Substack came to me with a generous financial offer and I couldn't pass it up. I do want to be upfront in saying that taking this opportunity was primarily a financial decision. But that doesn't mean I'm less than 100% enthusiastic about this project. On the contrary, I haven't been this excited to write in a long time. I'm really feeling energized and have lots of ideas for.

When I used GPT-3 to generate inscrutable new Star Wars jokes, Lisa Wong asked, Can the A.I also generate the condescending explanation as to why the joke is funny and how I just don't have a sense of humor? That would make it feel real. I gave it a try with one of GPT-3's jokes (my prompt text in bold) Seth and Tsh admit their own challenges while recognizing the need to do more — sanely. After all, the other two Rs are more effective than the third. Support the show — buy the next round of drinks! Scroll down for the transcript. Seth: Welcome to A Drink With a Friend, I'm Seth Haines. Tsh: And I'm Tsh Oxenreider Operators: Podcast where I interview non-founder/VC/CEO operators that make the startup world go roun

Substack, founded two years ago by Chris Best, Hamish McKenzie, and Jairaj Sethi, has come along at a pivotal time in the history of mass communication — what we believe is the golden age of new media. What we love most about this age is that it can free many creatives, from all kinds of backgrounds, to pursue the type of creative work they love, and on their own terms. By own terms I. Tagline: Like RSS but better. I've been looking for something like this for a while - Feedly is great for RSS; Substack Reader and Stoop for newsletter curation, but the UX is a bit fiddly. Mailbrew is a pleasure to use - a simple interface and easily customisable. It's like building your own digital newspaper. I can put all my feeds in one place - calendar, RSS, newsletters, tweets from. Under the Substack Pro program, the company has offered up to $250,000 advance payments to lure writers to go the independent route with their platform, along with other incentives. Writers are reportedly given a lower percentage (15%) of subscription fees if they accept the one-time advance payment, with that percentage jumping to the standard 90% after the first year substack / all_the_links.js. Created Apr 20, 2012. Star 0 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Clone via.

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Listen now (40 min) | Hi Fintech Futurists, Welcome back to our podcast series! For those that want to subscribe in your app of choice, you can now find us at Apple, Spotify, or on RSS. In this conversation, we talk with Anil Aggarwal of Clarity Payment Solutions (acquired by TSYS) and TxVia (acquired by Google) about how he stumbled upon the payment space at the right time On Substack, You Can Never Go Too Far. The popular newsletter service is changing the media business—and selling soap operas to people who think they're above soap operas. About the author.

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  1. g, and Substack along with it. But one big thing still stands between writers and their readers: Google and its mysterious Gmail inbox filter
  2. Link to RSS; Ariel Helwani is returning to MMA Fighting and The MMA Hour, in addition to new roles with Spotify, BT, and Substack Ariel Helwani isn't replacing his ESPN gig with just one employer.
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