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Email is relied on more than ever. Gain insights to prepare for the rise in cyber threats. A global analysis from security professionals to help stop a rapid increase in cybercrime 19.8% of Employees Click Phishing Email Links. Discover Data-Driven Phishing Insights. Get the Free 2020 Phishing Benchmark Report. Request Your Free Phishing Trial State of Cybersecurity Report 2020. The 4th edition of Wipro's annual cybersecurity report provides a unique perspective on the changing nature of cybersecurity globally in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic breakout. With global cyber threats on the rise, our research offers insights on how threats are evolving, the latest cybersecurity trends. Ransomware is the most common reason behind our incident response engagements from October 2019 through July 2020. The most common attack techniques used by nation-state actors in the past year are reconnaissance, credential harvesting, malware, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) exploits. IoT threats are constantly expanding and evolving. The first half of 2020 saw an approximate 35% increase in total attack volume compared to the second half of 2019

cybersecurity teams across industries and geographies deserve recognition for the improved levels of cybersecurity protection over the past year. For example, the total number of cyberattacks dropped 11 percent, from 232 to 206 targeted attacks. At the same time, we have seen a larger drop of 27 percent in the number o Today, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), with the support of the European Commission, EU Member States and the CTI Stakeholders Group, has published the 8th annual ENISA Threat Landscape (ETL) 2020 report, identifying and evaluating the top cyber threats for the period January 2019-April 2020

Last year marked the NSA Cybersecurity Directorate's first full year since its establishment, and today we are releasing our 2020 NSA Cybersecurity Year in Review. This document details how NSA worked to prevent and eradicate cyber threats to our nation's most sensitive systems and critical infrastructure State of Cybersecurity 2020. Increased Attacks, Rampant Underreporting and the Power of a Fully Staffed Team. The cybersecurity skills gap has been plaguing enterprises for years—but despite garnering much discussion and media coverage, little progress is being made Today we published our 2020 ICS Cybersecurity Year in Review report, an annual analysis of Industrial Control System (ICS)/Operational Technology (OT) focused cyber threats, vulnerabilities, assessments, and incident response insights. The ICS/OT community has long struggled with a lack of public insights into these types of problem areas Cisco's new 2020 SMB security report busts 10 myths about how small businesses are tackling cybersecurity. The Security Bottom Line Big risk, little budget? Get our tips for low-cost security Global Information Security Survey. There is a divide that threatens to keep cybersecurity teams from being effective at addressing the next generation of cyber threats. This year's survey discusses how and plots the journey of the 'Next Generation CISO.'. Cybersecurity leaders, boards, and C-suites are not fully aligned or engaged to.

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After conducting an extensive study including over 300 interviews, a competitive strategy event modeled after the original Project Solarium in the Eisenhower administration, and stress tests by external red teams, the Commission advocates a new strategic approach to cybersecurity: layered cyber deterrence. The desired end state of layered cyber deterrence is a reduced probability and impact of cyberattacks of significant consequence. The strategy outlines three ways to achieve this end state 27% reduction in the average number of security breaches; organisations now face 22 security breaches down from 30 in the previous year. 3. Security success masks hidden threats. Only 60% of the business ecosystem is protected by the cybersecurity programme; 40% of breaches come via this route. 4 The need for cybersecurity is greater than ever in 2020, as threats and bad actors continue to increase and intensify Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020. A survey detailing business and charity action on cyber security, and the costs and impacts of cyber breaches and attacks. From The 2020 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report from Fortinet finds that operational technology (OT) leaders are highly respected in their organizations, and that their teams are vital to their companies' bottom lines. Cybersecurity continues to be an integral part of their daily work—and that work continues to be a struggle

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  1. 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report With insights from 3,950 breaches, the 2020 DBIR can provide you with the knowledge you need to get improved cybersecurity for your business. Read the 2020 report
  2. ent in the public sector, where 78 per cent of IT employees worked at home compared to 60 per cent from private firms. Working from home can leave workers more vulnerable to attack, as home Wi-Fi networks are generally less secure than corporate networks for a variety of reasons
  3. The recent Cyber Trendscape Report by FireEye states that while more than 90% of organizations surveyed believe that the cyber threat landscape will stay the same or worsen in 2020, just over half do not believe they are ready for, or would respond well to, a cyber attack or breach event. Moreover, 29% of organizations with cyber attack and breac
  4. ENISA Threat Landscape - 2020. The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), with the support of the European Commission, EU Member States and the CTI Stakeholders Group, has published the 8th annual ENISA Threat Landscape (ETL) report, identifying and evaluating the top cyber threats for the period January 2019 - April 2020. Infographic - Top 15 Threat

Copyright (c) 2020 CompTIA Properties, LLC, All Rights Reserved | CompTIA.org | research@comptia.org APPENDIX Hurdles for changing approach to IT securit Everyone in the automotive industry is affected, from OEMs and smart mobility service providers to consumers. The 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity report includes an in-depth analysis of the cyber threat landscape over the past ten years, with an emphasis on 2019 This 2020 Insider Threat Report has been produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, the 400,000 member community for information security professionals, to explore how organizations are responding to the evolving security threats in the cloud. We would like to thank Gurucul for supporting this unique research

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Cybersecurity Report 2020. 8th January 2021 Chelsea Woodward. Use this report as a useful backdrop when considering the changing threat landscape and evaluating your security priorities for 2021. 2020 was a big year for us all but cybercriminals didn't rest! This paper presents an overview of the threats we faced in the last year as encountered by our security partners and our in-house. Welcome to the third annual Infosecurity Magazine State of Cybersecurity Report.Building on the success of our previous industry reports (released in 2018 and 2019), the findings of this year's report are based on feedback from 75 security professionals representing three distinct verticals; 25 from academia, 25 in the investor space and 25 either advising on security or implementing, using. 2020 Cyber Threats Report. We have asked 937 professionals about how the pandemic changed the IT risk landscape. The study revealed that every fourth organization believes they are at greater cybersecurity risk now than before the pandemic. The most common incidents reported since transition to remote work were dependent on the human factor and.

National Technology Security Coalition the CISO Advocacy Voic More Remote Work Force Means Greater Reliance On Cloud Infrastructure Security. Get Report. Download The Report For Valuable Guidance That Can Inform Your Security Strategy For 2021 The 2020 Cyber Security Report January 22, 2020 Crypto Miners, Targeted ransomware and cloud attacks dominate the threat landscape . Each year, Check Point Research (CPR) reviews previous year cyber incidents to gather key insights about the global cyber threat landscape. In this 2020 Cyber Security Annual Report, we offer a review of 2019's major cyber incidents, suggest predictions for.

The 2020 Cybersecurity Report surveys the current state of cybersecurity policy and practice in Latin America and the Caribbean and offers insight on the regions progress since the 2016 edition. Essays from internationally-recognized experts describe the EU approach to cybersecurity and emerging global threats, trends in Latin America and the Caribbean, and challenges of building capacity in. REPORT 2020 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report Infographic: Key Findings organizations experienced at least one OT system intrusion in the past year, up 19% from 2019 65% had 3 or more intrusions, up 18% from 2019 as likely to have centralized visibility in the SOC 65% 4X 133% 2X The 2020 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report from Fortinet finds that. 2020 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study States at risk: The cybersecurity imperative in uncertain times A JOINT BIENNIAL REPORT (6TH EDITION) FROM DELOITTE AND THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICERS (NASCIO) 1 Message from NASCIO's president 2020 has been a year such as few of us have ever seen in our lifetimes and, hopefully, never will see again. The impacts that.

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The 2020 Cybersecurity Report assesses the resources currently available to government entities to respond to cybersecurity incidents, identifies preventive and recovery efforts to improve cybersecurity, evaluates the statewide information security resource sharing program, and provides legislative recommendations for improving cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility. As. As we were finalizing our inaugural 2020 Threat Landscape Retrospective (TLR) report, the most notable cybersecurity event in 2020 — and arguably the last decade — was revealed in December. The breach of SolarWinds and its Orion Platform software captivated our collective attention in the final weeks of 2020. While the full picture of the. Unter dem Motto Cybersecurity 2020 - Strategien für die nächste Dekade kommen wieder die führenden Köpfe aus Wirtschaft, Behörden, Politik und Wissenschaft zusammen. Aktuelle News zu Cybersecurity 2021: Cybersecurity im Unternehmen: Prävention statt Frustration 6. Juli um 14.00 Uhr . Die Anzahl der Cyberangriffe nimmt nicht nur weiterhin Fahrt auf, sie hat mittlerweile einen.

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Opportunity in Cybersecurity 2020 Report . Download the full report for more economic, social, and technical insights as well as tried-and-tested industry resources recommended by our contributors. Download the report Methodology . Tessian commissioned Opinion Matters to survey 200 female cybersecurity professionals (100 in the UK and 100 in the US) to understand the challenges and. Some cybersecurity reports suggest that the fastest rising crime in the US and among the fastest in the world is cybercrime (The National Law Review, 2020; World Economic Forum, 2020). Global cybercrime damage in 2021 amounts to $16.4 billion a day, $684.9 million an hour, $11 million per minute, and $190,000 per second (Cybercrime Magazine, 2020). A total internet shutdown would lead to a GDP.

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INSIGHT REPORT NOVEMBER 2020. Future Series: Cybersecurity, emerging technology and systemic risk 2 The Future Series report was a joint venture between the World Economic Forum and the University of Oxford. It was designed to convene a range of experts in the field to discuss and research the issues arising from critical emerging technologies. The programme involved interviews, workshops and. In 2020, remote working became the new normal for organisation across the globe. With this rapid trend, IT professionals and CIOs have to navigate a new cyber-risk landscape. Explore HLB Cybersecurity survey report to learn how they are doing so Without a doubt, while 2020 was an atypical year for everyone, it was more so from a cybersecurity or cyber threats perspective. From a spam and phishing perspective, attackers would focus on creating simple and generic messages aimed at being as vague as possible in an attempt to trick victims into clicking on a link or opening an embedded attachment. However, the pandemic proved to be a new.

2020 ICS Environment Assessments. In 2020, Dragos gathered first-hand insights to understand the state of ICS cybersecurity, impacts for the community overall, and recommendations to improve strategies for all levels of OT cybersecurity maturity. The team's findings are summarized below 2020-2021 Healthcare Cybersecurity Report Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that healthcare will suffer 2-3X more cyberattacks in 2021 than the average amount for other industries. Woefully inadequate security practices, weak and shared passwords, plus vulnerabilities in code, exposes hospitals to perpetrators intent on hacking treasure troves of patient data. Herjavec Group.com 4 COVID-19. Cisco Cybersecurity Report Series 2020: Small and Medium-Sized Business 7 Big Security in a Small Business World years later, the mid-sized organisations are auditing their vendors, the smaller companies. Driven by breaches or data privacy, SMBs are not immune to inquiry - and they should be held as accountable as their large counterparts. Myth 2: Larger businesses suffer less downtime and.

2019/2020 Cybersecurity Almanac: 100 Facts, Figures, Dragos: ICS security threats grew threefold in 2020 A new report highlights the challenges facing ICS vendors today, including practices. 2020 midyear cybersecurity report.10 In September, Egregor first made an appearance, eventually leading to a string of high-profile attacks on major retailers in December. 11 Considered a possible spinoff of the Sekhmet ransomware becaus Get the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index for the most up-to-date reporting on the evolving cybersecurity landscape Right behind the finance and insurance industry, manufacturing moved to second place in 2020, up from eighth in 2019. 35% of attacks leveraged vulnerabilities. Scan-and-exploit was #1 initial attack vector, surpassing phishing, the top attack vector in 2019. COVID-19. On June 2, 2020, the Cyberspace Solarium Commission released a new white paper, Cybersecurity Lessons from the Pandemic. This white paper highlights over 30 recommendations from our final report published in March, along with 5 new recommendations. On June 3, 2020, the CSC Staff will host a public webinar discussion of this white paper The 2020 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report from Fortinet finds that operational technology (OT) leaders are highly respected in their organizations, and that their teams are vital to their companies' bottom lines. Cybersecurity continues to be an integral part of their daily work—and that work continues to be a struggle. In fact, an April 2020 survey of OT leaders.

Why 2020 is a turning point for cybersecurity. 'New technologies and new users will reshape cyber-risks in 2020'. This article is part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. As internet users increase in emerging economies the same challenges of disinformation and cyberattacks experienced in more cyber-advanced countries will occur 2020 Annual Cybersecurity Report | SPONSORED . Looking back at a most unprecedented year, Trend Micro's Annual cybersecurity Report surveys the most notable and crucial security concerns that emerged and persisted in 2020, and provides users and organizations with insights into how they can navigate a drastically changing threat landscape This report explores the results of the survey and analyzes the worldwide status quo and future development with regard to industrial cybersecurity. The report also examine how the industrial companies changed their cybersecurity priorities because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend study is annual and follows the 2017, 2018 and 2019 reports Annual Report 2020 (PDF, 10 MB) Factsheet FY/20 (PDF, 452 KB) Non-financial Report (PDF, 453 KB) GRI 418. Ongoing digitization provides great opportunities for health care - with innovative, technological therapeutic approaches or IT applications that reduce the workload of medical personnel. Fresenius is also entering new markets with digital. The 2020 HIMSS Cybersecurity Surveyprovides insight into the cybersecurity landscape of US healthcare organizations based upon the feedback from 168 US based healthcare cybersecurity professionals. Healthcare organizations face a barrage of significan

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Upstream's 2020 Automotive Cybersecurity Report introduces some of the key findings of the AutoThreat Intelligence research team for 2019 as well as solutions used by the industry going forward: Connected vehicles are already taking over: 330 million vehicles are already connected, and top car brands in the US market have stated that only connected vehicles will be sold by 2020. This fact. The Software Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2020. Cybersecurity continues to be a top concern among businesses across industries, particularly as work environments have shifted from the office to the home. While hackers are attempting to capitalize on weak systems and come up with novel new ways to penetrate networks, cybersecurity companies and their. ManageEngine Cybersecurity Report 2020 A look at evolving cyber threats and their impacts across industries . Cybersecurity has become a vital part of today's market. New threats are constantly being deployed and targeting businesses, meaning cybersecurity teams need to be vigilant to take care of the corporate network and keep their business safe from unforeseen data breaches. To build an.

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